23 January 2013



Green silk shirt/ DV8    Initial/Star sign necklaces, Gold belt and Buckle boots/Primark    Denim shorts/Topshop
I don't know what it is about the colour green but I am obsessed. Subconsciously, over the years, I have somehow managed to accumulate a rather worrying number of green items in my wardrobe. Green shirts and coats seem to be my main focus, you name the shade, I more than likely have it. People have told me it's because I'm Irish - that I am on some level trying to portray my heritage to the world......I just think I like the colour green.
Below are my most recent discoveries. The perfect everyday western boots 70% off in Topshop and a potential ball dress that was unfortunately out of my size.....the top of the dress was just so beautifully delicate and perfect.
Dress/Miss selfridge

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