31 January 2013


Photo Credits/Kenny Akande

Spaceman t-shirt/Topshop    Marble necklace/Primark    Leather-look jeans/Zara    Trainers/Nike Blazers    Tartan Scarf/Primark

Who wouldn't want a t-shirt with a spaceman on it I ask you?!

Wore this to uni this morning and a hair appointment this afternoon. Anyone else get that massive sense of dread just before you get your hair cut? You know that, "Oh god am I going to have to shave my head and become a recluse?" kind of dread? Yeah - me too. Luckily, I didn't come out wanting to cry this time. For anyone who lives in Liverpool I highly recommend the hairdresser shop Voodoo (http://www.voodou.co.uk/) - they actually listen to what YOU want, which in my experience is a quality that is difficult to find in a hairdresser.

29 January 2013


Crop tops. You've gotta love them, bringing the 1990's back with a vengence. I'm nearly 100% sure that anybody who was born in that era has already worn them back in their "Spice Girls phase". I was sporty, naturally. So the big question is how do you make them wearable during the day without looking like someone who's forgotten to get changed in the morning?? 

Two things:
  1. Make sure to wear some form of high waisted trousers/skirt - anything that covers your belly button will do. No one wants to see that during the day.
  2. It would be wise to wear something over the top of your crop top - as if you are like me and live in an abysmally cold country - that breeze across your mid-drift is not always pleasant.

Bobble hat/Primark    Checked shirt/Superdry    Crop top/Topshop    Tooth necklace/Topshop    High-waisted trousers/Primark    Tan boots/New Look


Lace shirt/Primark    Black pinafore/Topshop    Shoes/Converse    Watch/Michael Kors

I have been lusting after the perfect pinafore for a while now and had tried this black one on in Topshop on various occasions, each time deaming it too expensive for my student loan to handle. Fortunately along came Christmas and a Topshop voucher from my lovely auntie - she knows me well.......needless to say I didn't have to think about what I wanted to spend it on for long.....say hello to my 8 year old self reincarnated.

28 January 2013


Green jacket/DV8    Grey t-shirt/H&M    Polka dot jeans/Primark    Heels/Zara    Barbed wire necklace/Topshop    Initial necklace/Primark

After what felt like God's will in the form of a snowstorm the snow almost immediately melted overnight. Thank god. Notice that I'm wearing green again, can't help it. These polka dot jeans were a bargain steal from my favourite high street shop Primark - very Isabel Marant if you ask me. Witness also my most perfect and classic pair of heels. If I were ever to design a pair of heels they would have looked something like these beauties....I will cry the day I have to throw them out due to over-abusing them

23 January 2013



Green silk shirt/ DV8    Initial/Star sign necklaces, Gold belt and Buckle boots/Primark    Denim shorts/Topshop
I don't know what it is about the colour green but I am obsessed. Subconsciously, over the years, I have somehow managed to accumulate a rather worrying number of green items in my wardrobe. Green shirts and coats seem to be my main focus, you name the shade, I more than likely have it. People have told me it's because I'm Irish - that I am on some level trying to portray my heritage to the world......I just think I like the colour green.
Below are my most recent discoveries. The perfect everyday western boots 70% off in Topshop and a potential ball dress that was unfortunately out of my size.....the top of the dress was just so beautifully delicate and perfect.
Dress/Miss selfridge

22 January 2013


The snow finally came to Liverpool! I couldn't have been more happy when i opened my skylight window at the weekend to the white-covered houses.....skip on a few days and I can't wait to see the back of it.....why is that always the case?!

Photo 1 & 3 Outfit details: Fur coat/Vintage    Red Jumper/Primark    Blue skinnies/Topshop    Creepers/Topshop    Bag/DV8    Mittens/Miss Selfridge

Photo 2 The early morning view from my loft room

Photo 4 My rainbow collection of jeans - (L-R) Black/Zara, Primark & Topshop    Blue/ Topshop    Polka Dot/Primark    Geometric/Topshop    Red/Zara    Yellow/Topshop    Dark green/Next    Light green/Topshop

21 January 2013

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 Paisley shirt/Thrifted    Black Jeans/Primark

Pulled this one out of Narnia that I discovered back home in a charity shop in Ireland very much unwanted and unloved - I decided that it was just whacky enough to add to my collection. Two days later after proudly wearing it to town one day my mother, out of the blue recalled that it reminded her of "those ugly bandana things people used to wear".......consider me put off the shirt until today.


Silk Kimono/Zara    Necklace/Forever21

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a weakness for sheer pieces. Particularly ones that are made of silk,velvet and have a certain Peacock-ness appearance to them. I fell in love almost instantly.

15 January 2013


Photo credits/Laura Wilson
Chunky gold necklace/Urban Outfitters    Sheer tank/H&M    Baroque trousers/Primark     Heels/Matalan    Watch/Michael Kors

I found these crazy good printed trousers in Primark....no decision necessary. I had been not-so-patiently waiting for the perfect chunky gold necklace to surface on the high street after months of oogling at them in editorials and blogs worldwide......finally Urban Outfitters heard my plea. These heels are another three year old purchase that I have somehow managed to re-surface - oh and the matching nail polish was not intentional - unfortunately I'm not that savy.

14 January 2013


Beanie/Primark    Tinie Tempah t-shirt    Red Leather Trousers/Zara    Boots/Miss Selfridge

I've made it my new year's resolution to blog again as this is my last year of actually having the freedom of wearing what i want as next year it's all professional clothes and looking somewhat like I know what I'm talking about.
These gorgeous leather trousers have been on my mind for months, so thank you Zara for putting them on sale yesterday, I will always love you for that.