29 January 2013


Crop tops. You've gotta love them, bringing the 1990's back with a vengence. I'm nearly 100% sure that anybody who was born in that era has already worn them back in their "Spice Girls phase". I was sporty, naturally. So the big question is how do you make them wearable during the day without looking like someone who's forgotten to get changed in the morning?? 

Two things:
  1. Make sure to wear some form of high waisted trousers/skirt - anything that covers your belly button will do. No one wants to see that during the day.
  2. It would be wise to wear something over the top of your crop top - as if you are like me and live in an abysmally cold country - that breeze across your mid-drift is not always pleasant.

Bobble hat/Primark    Checked shirt/Superdry    Crop top/Topshop    Tooth necklace/Topshop    High-waisted trousers/Primark    Tan boots/New Look

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