31 January 2013


Photo Credits/Kenny Akande

Spaceman t-shirt/Topshop    Marble necklace/Primark    Leather-look jeans/Zara    Trainers/Nike Blazers    Tartan Scarf/Primark

Who wouldn't want a t-shirt with a spaceman on it I ask you?!

Wore this to uni this morning and a hair appointment this afternoon. Anyone else get that massive sense of dread just before you get your hair cut? You know that, "Oh god am I going to have to shave my head and become a recluse?" kind of dread? Yeah - me too. Luckily, I didn't come out wanting to cry this time. For anyone who lives in Liverpool I highly recommend the hairdresser shop Voodoo (http://www.voodou.co.uk/) - they actually listen to what YOU want, which in my experience is a quality that is difficult to find in a hairdresser.

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